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    On Mar 29, 2015 Abhishek wrote:

    Pure silence is without any trace - without any expectation or agenda, without any deliberate doing. It is just deep rest, the dropping away of all effort, of all 'listening for something', of waiting for the alarm to go off (at the end of the sit)

    I find that really challenging - silence throws up a lot of chatter....and suddenly there is no silence.....pure silence is the open-ness to what emerges, and the freedom to see it without a filter.....then we are really 'listening to the silence', in deep communion with it.....

    Dropping into this silence regularly is like bathing for me....if not done, the clutter accumulates, and very soon the restless occupied chatter enacts itself in my actions and life, causing more and more mischief.....

    Only in deep silence can we truly create from the space beyond us.....I have had to cultivate this silence and is still work in progress.....for those planning to engage with silence, Awakin is a good start ;)

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