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    On Jun 13, 2019 S Newman wrote:

    This isn't a Cherokee fable; it's a story made up by Billy Graham, and he first attributed it to the Inuit (an Eskimo elder tells the story). When they objected, he turned the Inuit into a Cherokee,and it has been repeated ad nauseamfrom there.

    I'm Cherokee (like, an actual Cherokee Nation citizen, not the Elizabeth Warren "high cheekbones" kind); I'm not an expert on traditional Cherokee religion, but you cando as I did and consult the mystical oracle known as Go-og-le,and it will reveal all. The book it first appeared in ("The Holy Spirit," by Billy Graham), is still in print. The origin is credibly documented and easy to find online.

    Cherokee spirituality is about balance, not dualism. This story distorts and misrepresents traditional Cherokee religion while simultaneously romanticizing it. I think it's fine to talk about what this story means to you, but please leave the Cherokee people out of it.

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    On Oct 26, 2019 Sinida wrote:

    Thanks for the clarity. 💞

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    On Apr 24, 2021 Casey Harris wrote:

    My brother. My deepest respect goes out with indescribable appreciation for your illuminating light. My life has seemingly brought me to the descendants of my great grandmothers brothers & sisters. A lost daughter scattered by the savage treatment inflicted on the trail of tears. I have been searching for who I am to praise for guiding me through impossible odds. I searched my conscious, intuition helped me independently assemble a spiritual practice which is identical to the Cherokee beliefs I've learned of. I asked for forgiveness that I don't know what to call the creator(just picked that out of no memorable source) or which of the thousands of religions is his word, which sectors within that religion & how much of the word was unaltered. I was born with a high birth Mark that contains different texture hair within & a article I read stated I would have been identified as a medicine man/shaman? I just learned of project stargate & it hit me like a ton of bricks how blessed I am. I can always tell when someone's lying, without anything to imply my suspicion. Thinking I could be a Hollywood writer as I always knew that plot & ending before anything would indicate that. My family bond, my distrust of the disappointment side of my heritage(not certain of anything I'm just guessing if I go back far enough I'd find something shady) so I also carry the sorrow of a million ancestors spread out over a few thousand defendants. Understanding if you don't accept me but I had a few intimate close encounters with owls(last on the day I randomly decided to research the religion of my fellow survivors(some surviving in different ways). I cried so hard hearing my independently derived religion had so many just randomly selected aspects along my journey. Actually I have been aware of ufos since 12.. Only one Extremely close & undeniable sighting in the daytime. I stared unafraid for 5 minutes until realized that it isn't just going to fly away & I could have made it home to use the house phone in 2002. 10 minutes it was hovering silently & when pacing from 1 Window to the next it was gone. I've seen 4 unexplainable lights at night and a missing time incident where I saw 3 greys outside my door and I opened my eyes wide awake, still in my work close with no pillow or blanket, 30-45 minutes later. I would only begin to lay down around 4 & it was 11. I've realized my obligation to mother earth that I create awareness & informed decisions. Coment? Question concernes?

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    On Apr 29, 2021 Nat wrote:

    THANK YOU! Brilliantly put!

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