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    On Jun 13, 2019 S Newman wrote:

    This isn't a Cherokee fable; it's a story made up by Billy Graham, and he first attributed it to the Inuit (an Eskimo elder tells the story). When they objected, he turned the Inuit into a Cherokee,and it has been repeated ad nauseamfrom there.

    I'm Cherokee (like, an actual Cherokee Nation citizen, not the Elizabeth Warren "high cheekbones" kind); I'm not an expert on traditional Cherokee religion, but you cando as I did and consult the mystical oracle known as Go-og-le,and it will reveal all. The book it first appeared in ("The Holy Spirit," by Billy Graham), is still in print. The origin is credibly documented and easy to find online.

    Cherokee spirituality is about balance, not dualism. This story distorts and misrepresents traditional Cherokee religion while simultaneously romanticizing it. I think it's fine to talk about what this story means to you, but please leave the Cherokee people out of it.

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    On Oct 26, 2019 Sinida wrote:

    Thanks for the clarity. 💞

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