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    On Feb 19, 2015 ricky wrote:

    To begin, it is important to reflect on how personal the act of giving is, and that judgment has no place in this discussion. That said, the pressures of society on the act of acknowledging giving and elevating it to miraculous heights creates significant conflict for youngsters seeking to make a difference in this world, to make it a better place, to encourage love and support, and to celebrate day to day acts of kindness reflected in a smile that may have taken an enormous amount of courage to express. The act of giving is steeped in a philosophy of ‘do your work, share your fruits, then let go.’ The act of giving is demonstrated time and time again in the Sanskrit words for clear light and non-attachment: vairagya and aparigraha. In response to the phrases above “giving without strategizing” and “mindful giving”, there is a slight difference only in the word selection. Both concepts are born from a deep sense of encouragement and confidence. Both can be intensely felt and also taught. Both share the same focus-presence…being in the present moment. Both are readily accessible when we are ‘awake’, and when we live every moment in gratitude for the breath, for connection, for awareness, for this very moment, in love. Both are practice, not destination. Both can be expressed without money, and are available at any given moment, and impulse, with no worry or concern as to outcome, recognition, reward, award. Consider the ancient tree in the forest and the blessings it offers just for its existence: shelter and shade, place for occasional rest, interconnectedness above and below ground, roots developing new paths in solid rock, breath, cleansing, microbial interaction, support and structure for creatures great and small, bending from the external pressures of the elements and yet exhibiting an immense inner strength borne of place and time and oneness with what Is…we are this wonderful being reflecting and transforming light-becoming light-and gifting the light to others around us. This is the ancient tree’s art and dance of giving, and it is ours…

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