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    On Jan 30, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Curing comes from outside such as the physician treats the patient to cure. Healing comes from inside. It is an inner work. In curing, a part of the body is treated. In healing , the whole person is involved. Curing is physical. Healing is holistic-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Healing is an integrated process.

    I have had  prostate cancer for the last four years. When I discovered that I had tumor, I went to my physician friend who confirmed that I had the disease. My first reaction was oh my goodness! Why me? The good doctor advised me to consult an oncologist and get help from him. I followed his advice.I read about cancer, about alternative medicine,and made significant changes in my life style. 

    I did not stop there. Having cancer has showed me the value of living my life as mindfully and fully as possible.Each day is a blessing to count knowing well that one day, some day will be the last day. I have been practicing mindfulness mediation daily. I become aware of whatever arises in me physically, mentally, and emotionally: Painful sensations, worry some thoughts, sadness and concerns. I breathe in fully. I let whatever arises in myself come, I breathe out  fully and let it go.I accept my humanness compassionately surrendering myself in the loving hands of my being. This is a profoundly healing experience for me.Yesterday, I spent one hour with a gentleman who has bone marrow cancer.I shared my journey with him. We did mindfulness mediation together. He felt grounded, at ease. and peaceful.When he left, I saw change on his face- a glow of acceptance. He realized that his energy was consumed  by dwelling on and being obsessed with awful thoughts and feelings.. He learned a lesson of healing.We are going to meet once a week to continue our work of self healing.

    It is my conviction that life offers great opportunities to learn and to serve.How we perceive it and how we take it is up to us.


    Jagdish P Dave

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