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    On May 30, 2019 Marc wrote:

    So good. I think acceptance is so key here. If we are/were hurt/traumatized/grieving, it be so difficult to be receptive, be open, and especially be trusting to the blessings in front of us. This is something that has plagued me in relationships for most of my life. One time I do remember getting past the pain and accepting the new gold was after I broke my arm for the 2nd time in three months in college. My nerve was injured during the surgery and the surgeon said it may never heal again because it may have been severed. This nerve controlled the extension of my entire forearm, wrist and fingers and after the surgery, I had to wear a brace to keep it even in a neutral position. The first month or so was hard. But at some point, I was able to pick up and play my guitar. The gold in front of me was with the arm injury, and not being able to play sports, go to the gym, or do the other things I had been doing, I had lots of time to try to play the guitar, and learn scales and things I had never taken the time to learn. I'll never forget the morning when I was playing and all of a sudden, I realized that I had extended one of my fingers the smallest distance, which meant the nerve was not severed and my arm/hand would function again. It took accepting my situation, embracing it, and making the best of it to not only heal my spirit, but heal my body. Thanks for sharing

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    On May 31, 2019 Amy wrote:

    Amen! I hope you are still playing your guitar! God is good!

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