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    On May 28, 2019 Ruby(Triza Laxmi Aurora) wrote:

    These days they advice not to touch any unattended bags because the terrorists may have left a bomb inside it, from the EVIL side of our world. Goddess is not a fool to give when she knows someone is not ready to receive, she has much more intelligence than that. Goddess is beautiful inside to outside! Some are so dumb not to see that. Goddess does not play with her kindness. Goddess does make miracles if somebody is totally helpless but believes in goodness rather than evil. It is the terrorists who always give (a nasty/evil surprise gift) when some are not ready to receive it. That is how dumb, selfish, cruel, ugly, stinking dirty, low lifers terrorists and their believes are. Don't be that fish who explores that bait on the hook and becomes a victim. I see the beauty of my Goddess in every experience, that beauty I behold in me!

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    On May 28, 2019 RUBY wrote:

    Worth exploring a wolf in sheep's clothing among the sheeps

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