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    On Jan 18, 2015 david doane wrote:

    In Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore refers to the soul as a garden and we are the gardeners.  The soul is our real self, our essence, our sacred being that is a piece of Sacred Being, and we can be committed to tend to it or we can neglect it.  When I tend to it, I listen to me and my body and thinking and heart, and I do well.  When I ignore it, the result is unhappiness.  I took a job once when my heart, guts and dreams told me not to take it, and that job was a negative experience for me personally and financially.  My garden is my self, my personal space and truth, which is connected to the Ultimate Garden and Universal Truth, and it is my responsibility to tend to it, and to my benefit to tend to it.  The planet is also our garden.  We can be humble, which means to get down to earth and realize that we are part of the earth and take care of it, or we can be arrogant and see ourselves as apart from the earth and in our ignorance mistreat and exploit it.  If we are good humble gardeners, we thrive.  If we are negligent irresponsible gardeners, we suffer the price.  We reap what we sow.

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