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    On May 26, 2019 David Doane wrote:

    I totally agree that there are many gifts of gold that life places in our path that we step over if we're not ready to receive them. Gifts are always there and we receive those that we are ready for. It's been said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, and until then the student won't get it. Rumi said to welcome and be grateful for every experience because each one has been sent as a guide from beyond. I once worked for an employer who I didn't like and didn't respect, making it an unhappy experience, yet I learned some skills and gained some connections from him that have been very beneficial to me during the years since I left him. I don't see gold in every experience -- oftentimes I'm not ready and only see a problem rather than an opportunity. I see the gift of gold in an experience when I am ready, open to learn and grow. It has helped me to have seen gold in various experiences and to remind myself that the gold is there to be had.

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