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    On May 24, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    There are times when life offersa "bag of gold" or golden opportunities to us in our path of life. How come we don't see them? As the saying states, " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But how can we see beauty if our eyes are closed? I am keeping my eyes closed because I am holding on to my past negative experiences? And not letting myself be open to the unfolding of new potentially enriching life experiencing experiences? This way I keep my hands tied. I keep my inner door closed when an unkown guest knocks at my door. Life offers me a gift and I deny it!
    There have been calls of growth promoting opportunities in my life. One of the most blissful calls was marrying someone out of my caste, born and raised in a different religious family and a different class. I listened to the call and followed it with my whole heart. My life has been deeply and spiritually enriched by following my bliss. Walking on such a less traveled path has yielded many blessings to me and I feel very grateful for receiving such gifts.
    Keeping my mind and heart open to see and explore new vistas has expanded my consciousness. I am open to explore new avenues but I do not act impulsively amd make blind jumps. I use my discretion to make wise choice.There had been times my wife would see the golden opportunity more clearly than I did. On such occasions she encouraged me, supported me and stood by me as we were walking on the new path together with a few twists and turns.I still feel her presence in my heart though she passed away a few years ago.
    Jagdiah P Dave

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