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    On Jan 14, 2015 Amdee wrote:

    Mindfulness evolves truly only when we do our meditation with complete surrender to God; when daily at dawn, we start our meditation with a heart filled with love & devotion for God and pray in supplicant mood that, "My Lord, my beloved, I am yours, help me to become that what I ought to become; for the purpose I got this 'Human Birth.'" Then He opens all doors for us which only leads to Him. 
    We attract God with our higher traits like good character, humility, tolerance, surrender before each & everything, gratitude and undaunted faith. And when by efficiently using these qualities we pass all our toughest trials of life and genuinely play our part by our full cooperation then we become His favorite. 
    And then actually begins the real effect of mindfulness; then He supplies everything for our complete growth: unconditional love for Him as well as for His creatures, strength, confidence and eternal bliss. After achieving this state what we find is that the moment our mind catches any gross thought from the environment, within few seconds our childlike heart melts all that in the divine bliss flowing endlessly I our heart; we find that our deep longing for God has developed an ceaseless connection with eternal bliss. 

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    On Jan 14, 2015 Jo wrote:


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