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    On Jan 13, 2015 Rick Brooks wrote:

    Seems to me that separating the roles we play from our "real," authentic selves is not quite so easy as we'd like to think.  Yes, like everyone else, I act in ways that, consciously or not, are consistent with roles in which I find myself. But aren't those ways of being and doing as revealing of our true nature as everything else?  Isn't that what culture and norms are about? And are all such behaviors inherently less honest/less moral/less noble than "spiritual practice" that is also a role?

    I wonder if all the stuff that occupies my mind is so...what? Distracting? Untrue? Better to avoid than to honor?  Are we not the impermanent sum total of all we intend and appear to be and all the roles we have played in the whirl of nowness?  These kinds of questions can find clearer answers in certain circumstances rather than others.  When we ask ourselves "do I have to do this...even if I don't want to?" such doubt (or is it genuine, earnest inquiry?) may seem lot easier to handle than attempting to adhere to a deep spiritual practice that may or may not allow us to vacate our minds.   And then what?  

    No wonder we get addicted to drugs, sports, work, entertainment, stimulating tastes and experiences...all of which are associated with the roles we fall into, choose, or are willing to play.  So...what's worth knowing and doing?  And can that ever be outside of the drama of living one moment to the next and the next? 

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    On Jan 13, 2015 susan schaller wrote:

    Recently, I heard a description of the balancing act between our roles & the "worldly" self and the pure spirit or Real Self:  It is a dance, moving in this world using our roles and senses, then whirling out to observe from a different center, disengaging the ego so we have more energy and space from which to love and be.  You are right, it is a challenge, and we get caught up, easily, in our words and traps, like confusing a spiritual practice with Spirit when it has become another role.  Words and analysis are almost futile.  I like the image of dancing - I have more hope in that image : )

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