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    On May 21, 2019 Ruby(Triza Laxmi Aurora) wrote:

    Curious? I was born curios with a a big question mark on my forehead about everything as behind that question mark, inside my brain was all empty, void of all knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. I took my first breath and cried to know everything to fill, or rather grow, that empty mind. Intuitively, I had this weird idea, as a kid, that girls had their vagina at the back. Don't laugh please. I had weird ideas about everything! That the world was not round, but countries were on top of each other, on flat lands. Aha, there I am! Having born on a tiny island in Fiji, in the southern hemisphere of our planet, my life had the best experience of things. What it felt like to play for my national soccer team against Australia, or to make my own bamboo raft to adventure in the sea alone between islands, and so on. Then. I moved to the northern hemisphere of our planet to experience life on the "other half" of my world. Life on a huge continent is also full of experiences, or, maybe death was a possibility in my time in the US army. I am very dumb to have worked at stanford University, very uncomfortable place for me to be, So, I went to San Leandro mountains for a two week retread, only realized I could have been eaten by mountain lion when I came back with my sleeping bag. All my curiosity made me enough insane to experience and know everything to fill that empty brain I started with . What I cannot experience in my real life, I do it in my dreams. To experience the "other half", I became whole!! Hope my son gets it.

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