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    On Jan 12, 2015 Jaikishan Hirani wrote:

     We generally speak to designations, positions, status of the people. The way we speak to a person having Mercedes and another one riding a cycle rickshaw speaks the truth for itself. For example, when we go for an interview in a certain building, we speak to different people playing different roles. First we speak to a watchman, then to a receptionist, then a manager and then the director of the company. Our tone changes with every person we speak to. So what is our true identity? The universal truth is we all are a pure soul. Even our body is not ours. We say "this is my hand" we never say "this is me" showing our hand. So my body is rented for this birth while I AM A PURE SOUL. and if I speak to everyone as a pure soul there will be no fear, no ego, no attitude. We define our identity with our roles we play but the true identity of every individual is HE/SHE IS A PURE SOUL.

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    On Jan 13, 2015 susan schaller wrote:

     Thank you - well said. And the Pure Soul has no "he" or "she."  As WE live in Comm-Unity we are "with" as ONE. Today, I will practice observing how I interact to each one I meet, imagining all of us as skeletons, reminding me how temporary our roles are.

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