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    On Jan 9, 2015 navin sata wrote:

     saint relate this bodies as a rental house for short time on our journey of life eternal or physical ,mental.everything is given to us for this journey,eyes to see[with sunshine] ears to hear melodies of creation nature,crying of child when he dosent get toys, laughter when he is happy playing with toys.[we grown up do the same thing with material toys,just forms changed .] skin to feel loving touch of beloved]everything is given.we make mistake when we try to posses this is mine and not yours [me mine you tours is root cause of all this endless cycle] then we develop attachment to my body,my family, my house ,my city ,my country,my race religion etc.when my kids were  young to protect them from bad friends we all play this role.whatever good intention may be we forget life is ???. to enjoy any sport one must think end resault its a game.[to go see football game in cold cold weather like in greenbae is silly drama where fan and players are way far from reality .why not use that energy to help homeless in the world,help children everywhere in war torn world,of religious ignorant.god has given us goodbrain think on issues that mankind face today. always love n.n.c.

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    On Jan 17, 2015 Always Love wrote:

     Amen, to always loving.

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