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    On May 16, 2019 Ruby(Triza Laxmi Aurora) wrote:

    Yes, the Creator has given to each one of us a moment only and the freedom to think a thought that moment and freedom to act on that thought. A moment in hand is the only that each one truly owns, nothing else! All actions come from a thought. A thought is the only secret a person owns until it is made known to others. Everything you see when you walk on sidewalk, ie, the houses, the roads, the electric poles & wiring, the traffic signs, the flower gardens, etc are somebody's thought! You are seeing a thought.. A moment at hand is what a person truly owns because the next breath or moment is not guaranteed. If the next moment does not come, the person does not even own the body or mind! Likewise, next day, next month, or next year may not come since even an hour does not happen at once in a snap of time but it is made of several moments at a time. A person can control the mind because a person can challenge a thought or choose not act on it. True, mind has to be trained since the brain creates channels and memories, but the process is same as controlling it. The mind never stops thinking! The only time I enjoy my thoughts and let it happen with actions is when I am dreaming. I dream I am flying over mountains, clearly seeing the trees rivers, farms, animals, people below. I fly over the ocean seeing down below the huge blue ocean, the white sandy beaches. Sometimes I dream I see coconuts on a tree and like to pick it, sometimes a beautiful ripe bunch of mangoes on top of the tree, I fly and pick those fruits much to the amazement of the people below! Somestimes a lion or dog is chasing me, as soon as it is about to catch me, i take to flight! What an experience my mind gives me! I will never enjoy that in real life, but when I wake up I remember every detail and I feel I just really did that. That is my mind! So open like the universe itself!

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    On May 17, 2019 Amy wrote:

    Thank you for this trip into your mind! Fly friend ... !🦋

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