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    On Jan 2, 2015 Smita wrote:

    During the time I spent in the Bay Area, Hawaii, and in India, I had the great privilege to experience feeling soooooo welcome into many friends' homes.  These experiences have touched me deeply and helped me to see that it's possible (and even preferable!) to break down the boundaries of locked doors, or "my home" vs. "your home."  There were some homes where I knew I didn't even have to call in advance, or even knock on the door...that I could just walk in.  These experiences gave me such a warm feeling of belonging that helped me relax and be myself.  

    I have so much wanted to create an environment like this for others, but I have to admit it's not something that comes easy to me.  A lot of fear comes in the way, and I hesitate.  I really want to grow in this way, though.  What I liked about this passage is that it gives many ways (even small ways) to be more welcoming.  That opening your heart to someone you've never met while standing in line can be one way.  Or just being really present with someone, with all the time in the world and nowhere to get to, can make that person feel welcome and "at home" in themselves.  Just the other day I was thinking it would be sweet to invite foster kittens into my home!  Maybe I'll try that.  :)

    It's not always easy being in this world, and what a precious gift to make someone feel that they really *belong* here, even if it's just for a moment!

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