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    On May 12, 2019 David Doane wrote:

    I interpret "penetration" to mean to move or enter into wisdom (in this context). The mind can be used to stay away from wisdom, particularly by being primarily left brain including logical, linear, and goal-focused, and it can be used to enter wisdom by utilizing right brain including open, creative, broad. As my spiritual discipline got away from dogmatic beliefs with which I was indoctrinated, I didn't allow my mind to direct me, and I allowed my developing spiritual discipline to direct my mind to be open to new ideas and to what appeared to me to be truth. What helps me control my mind is for me to hang loose, be open to my free and nonrational associations, value my fantasies, trust what I call my unconscious, and pay attention to my bodily responses. There is a saying that thinking makes a fine servant and a terrible master -- the same goes for the mind -- I've believed that for a long time and reminding myself of it helps me control my mind.

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    On May 17, 2019 aj wrote:


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    On May 20, 2019 Ruby(Triza Laxmi Aurora) wrote:

    Penetrate could also mean penetrating the Virgina, or deep into the earth, deep space, or deep anything

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