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    On May 10, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    It is up to me how to use my mind. My mind can create bondage or can create suffering. It can hurt me if I use it wrong way or it can heal me if I use it right way. Right choice making is very crucial The trouble is even though I know what is the wrong way but I still follow it and even though I know what is the right way to follow I may not follow it. In this way I create my own suffering or bliss.
    Yesterday, I was invited by friend for a dinner. His wife is a wonderful cook. She made delicious dishes of food. It was very tasty. And I kept on eating the food that's not good my health. I came up with my own self-created excuses. And I paid the price for my wrong doing. This is where awareness and self-discipline come into play. I made a mistake and learned a lesson from my oen experience.
    Learning how to use mind is the key to following the right path.I have been learning how to make wholesome and wise choices by
    practicing mindfulness in my everyday life.
    Jagdish P Dave

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