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    On May 10, 2019 Xiaoshan Pan wrote:

    This is only of the many occasions when I was directed by my mind and the results were quite surprising. One day by the time I got off work, I was tired, beaten, and nearly depressed. Disregarding I had a meditation meeting to attend in the evening, my mind was telling me to just go home and chill out. It came up with many good reasons that I should not attend the meeting and they all sounded quite reasonable. But, in the end I put myself together and went to the meeting because it was an commitment that I made to myself earlier. I went to the meeting and the session was great. By the time when the meeting was over, I was in a completely different mindset, happy, content, and relaxed.

    However, I also have other experiences when I listened to what my mind told me (to be precise, what my body told me) to do instead, and it went well too.

    So, this is not as simple as black and white.

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