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    On May 8, 2019 Alan wrote:

    It made me think in this idea of nonduality and oneness the conversation seems to fall into this frame. Either all is one and there is only consciousness OR there really are parts (cells, people, rocks, etc..) that just connect through energy, information and perhaps otherways. (A perineal dialogue in so many cultures over many centuries)

    My thoughts is perhaps this is NOT a useful conversation and perhaps just a distraction of sorts a bit like the chicken or egg. Each can be a valid story duality and nonduality AND even this journey so many mystics take for transcendent experiences where one class is the dissolving of the "I" into the "One" while perhaps fascinating and inspirational is just a side show. The more challenging and fruitful one is to have the deep connections with FLOW of what is, NOT the QUESTION of IS Oneness TRUE. (And can I taste it via meditation, yoga, psychedelics, etc..)

    I see the FLOW state is the deepest alignment with the systems, people, nature, thoughts and love that can be in your field of being. It is as much about tangible actions as inner states that serve the greater good which is both a subjective everechaning mystery and not that at the same time.

    Does this make any sense? What do you think?

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    On May 8, 2019 Mind wrote:

    I read your Reflection and I wanted to say I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for posting and giving others as myself the pleasure to read your ideas and wonderful explanation, I absoloutly agree with you!

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