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    On Dec 12, 2014 david doane wrote:

    What I call good and evil are all me.  Qualities in me that I like, I call good, and qualities that I don't like, I call evil, and all qualities are me.  The qualities are different but they are not separate from me, and in proclaiming some of them separate and evil I split myself and make some of me my enemy to deny or repress or destroy.  I become a house divided.  The challenge is to feed both, accept and incorporate all of me, and become whole.  I can learn to use all of me and have all of me be of service to me rather than aspects of me that I don't like taking control of me.  All that is easier said than done, but I have a lifetime to work on it.  Being mindful is a way of seeing that what I call good and what I call evil are me, which helps me be free to get to know and utilize all of me.  As for a personal story, what comes to mind is that I've come to know that I don't have to or need to be angry, and the energy that used to become anger is more often firmness or assertiveness or compassion. 

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    On Dec 13, 2014 Maria wrote:

     Thank you for your post. I know I don't do a very good job some times of explaining things or expressing myself and at times it may seem like I'm trying to tell people how to live but I try not to offer advice.I usually tell people just to be in prayer about things they need answers for.

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    On Sep 14, 2018 Jason wrote:

     The original sorry is well explained however it will cause mixed messages . The true meaning of this story is light vs darkness . Feed darkness and you will cause harm to yourself and others and ultimately fail. What is horribly wrong with the original story are the placements of the qualities . Light vectors all success and doesn’t allow room for negativity . The black wolf is an avatar of negativity and the white wolf is an avatar or positive thinking . As humans the negative experiences we live , by default overrule positive. This is because we feed the black wolf. The strength required to succeed on all playing fields is the white wolf. I will give you a concrete example. I went from fat and broke to fit and rich. Not once did I feed the black wolf . Only the white. It was a long and depleting fight because that black wolf came many times but the white wolf fought it off the majority of the time . The white wolf day after day became stronger till one the day the immortal black wolf realized that his efforts were futile. It takes time to change but it’s doable. Feeding the black wolf is easy, but if you do what is easy your life will be hard and if you what is hard ( feed a gentle wolf while a black wolf is intimidating ) your life will be easy... if there is non enemy within , the enemies outside can do us no harm . 

    Feed the white wolf 

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