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    On Apr 8, 2019 sheetal wrote:

    I read this story about Satsang where sage Narada asks Lord Narayana what is the meaning of satsang, lord says your answer will be given by a worm on earth, so Narada decends to earth and asks the worm. Before replying, the worm dies. Perplexed Narada, goes back and this time the Lord sends him back to a bird. The bird hears the question, looks into the eye of Narada and passes away. Narada goes back and the lord sends him to a new born calf. The calf meets similar fate. At this Narada looses all patience and demands an answer from the Lord. The Lord very lovingly convinces him that new born human child will surely answer the question. Naradaupon this promise from Lord tries one more time, and asks the child and the child smiles and says "i gave you the answer when i was a worm".! Satsang is the one that helps you attain "sadgati"- i.e. helps you awaken in a new realm. And the child bows and says, just by your (Narada-the closest to Narayana) coming and seeking counsel offered the worm a chance to awaken to bird then to calf and finally a human birth which has potential of practice and full awakening.
    So satsang, can free you up from the forms you take until you realize the oneness and merge in it. All it requires is earnest prayer to build humility, faith in the practice and surrender to the way of nature. Personally, I try to see that i engage in conversations that are like satsangs, where learning allows to see the mind games and help go beyond it.

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    On Apr 9, 2019 vinod wrote:

    wow! thank you!

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