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    On Apr 7, 2019 Debbie Maria wrote:

    This poem helps me understand no judgment of others, yes, even the pirate! Every being, big and small, is an expression of the divine, even if the human being is closed at the moment and not able to share in loving emotions. Also, understanding that while experiencing deep pain, there is joy at the bottom of it. I was touched by my friend today telling me I should go out in the sunshine to enjoy the warmth when I was only going to.stay indoors to nurse my back pain. She felt me with her open heart. The practice of knowing we are so loved and "hollowing" myself helps me know I am being communicated with all the time, allowing the answer to come to me in a dream or a sudden realization. This practice can make me more compassionate towards myself. Also, deep pain is so humbling, it opens me to compassion towards other beings and their depth.

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