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    On Mar 30, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    I love this beautiful passage. Pure love, non-possessive and unconditional love, is the key to transformation, spiritual renewal. The old shackles of fear, anger and abuse are shattered by cultivating skillful means of love. Such love frees us from the past abuse and brings clarity and inner strength to love ourselves and others in our life authentically. Such spiritual awakening gives us a new birth.
    Last week a young grandsonof a grandmother we know came to our house for a weekend visit. His grandmother has been holding on a deep emotional wound she had received from her daughter who happens to be the motherof this young man. She has displaced her anger against her daughter to her grandson and she refused to come to see him and have a dinner with him. The grandson loves his grandmother in spiteof her wrath towards him. He had bought a bouquet of flowers for his grandmother hoping she would come to see him and eat with her. Both my daughter and I asked her to let go of her displaced anger towards her innocent young grandson. We asked her let that anger go and come and bless her grandson. She agreed and came to bless her grandson and we all ate together. What an uplifting, touching, joyous and never forgetting experience! This is the transformative power of love.
    I did not have to work on myself to transcend fear to love significant people in my life. I was blessed to have people who has accepted me and loved me in spite of my failures and shortcomings as I grew up. Such loving experiences have enkindled the spirit of love in me. I am very grateful to those people. Though all of them have passed away, I cherish them in my heart.
    Namaste to them who loved me unconditionally!

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