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    On Nov 15, 2014 Maria wrote:

     I really thought that this story was very interesting, I enjoy Indian sayings and proverbs from Rolling Thunder,Lloyd Carl Owle (Cherokee) and Crowfoot (Blackfoot) and some from unknown  authors. But the story puts to my mind  how we all have good and bad in all of us, none of us are without sin. GOD gave us free will, HE created us in HIS own Image not the other way around. Satan likes to twist the truth ever so slightly just enough to confuse us, because that is what he is the master of confusion. I've heard people say making reference to the scriptures we have created GOD in our own image, Shame on you! That's idolatry in my book. When we continue to feed the darker side of ourselves doing wrong when we know what is right. I think many people have heard that old saying, "The devil made me do it." Whose voice do you follow more?

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    On Aug 10, 2016 Akshay Sadana wrote:

     No one can make you do any thing unless you yourself want to do it.
    If you keep aside your personal gains or ego nothing wrong ever happens and you do not do any thing wrong.

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