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    On Nov 4, 2014 david doane wrote:

    Being nobody means being out of my ego and into my being, and since my being is an expression of Being, being nobody is simultaneously being into Being.  Being nobody means being fully in the moment, in the present experience.  Being nobody is totally non self-conscious, not trying to impress or trying to anything.  An important time of being nobody is when being in (the state of) love.  When in the state of love a person is beyond his or her mind and into Love/Unity/ Being which is much bigger than the person.  I think the experience of being nobody and into Being can also be entered in deep meditation.  I've had a few experiences of being nobody, forgetting myself, being free of personal identity.  These experiences have been few and brief for me and have occurred when I was following my bliss, to use Joseph Campbell's phrase, be it bliss in being with self or being with another or being with an activity -- it always meant being in the moment.  We can develop the ability to vacate ourselves by allowing opportunities to follow our bliss, let go of ambitions, and be in the present experience and process as it is happening.

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