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    On Mar 9, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    True Happiness, Love, Goodness, Freedom, Humility, Reality and Holiness are our inherent, inborn and innate qualities or virtues. These virtues are uncaused. They are natural, effortless and spontaneous. In that sense holiness is unself-consciousness. To put it differently, holiness or wholeness is not bound by our limited lower state of consciousness. It is universal or cosmic consciousness beyond time, space and causality. It is Transcendental state of consciousness, pure or non-dualistic state of consciousness.

    There are many examples I can cite when I have observedthe opposite of virtue in me. My attachment to my own possessions such as mentally holding on to my precious books or numerous awards I have received robs me of my innate virtue.

    Non-judgemental existential awareness of my attachments frees me from the cunningnessof my ego.The ego plays mine vs your game and when am not awareof it, I get caught up in this game and I turn away from my natural innate wisdom.
    JagdishP Dave

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