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    On Feb 23, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    As a meditator, I have noticed how my mind gets distracted by the external world of sound and sight as well as by my internal world of sound and sight. As I consistently practice Mindfulness Meditation, my mind slowly and gradually gets less distracted. In this quiet and open space I hear the majesty of symphony effortlessly.This is like awakening from my conditionedmind which was bound by my un-awakened or sleepy state of mind.
    A few years ago, I wentto a weekend Zen retreat. During one our Mindfulness Meditation, I dozed for some time. I was awakened by the hitting by the stick on my back by the Zen master. This awakening experience taught me an importantlesson of awakening myself from my conditioned state of my mind, my un-awakened sleepy sate of mind. It opened up my mind space in which I can hear the grandsweep of the Divine melody, the music of the sphere with no boundary. It creates deep joy, wonderment and harmony.
    Living everydaymindfully with this awakened state of mind helps me to relate to the majesty all around me.
    JagdishP Dave

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