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    On Sep 27, 2014 Prakash Talathi wrote:

     In 1996 I wrote one article - " CHEERS". It gives the same message -

    Once I went to visit my friend at Victoria Island, Lagos. He is quite a rich man having a duplex house with a posh lawn surrounded by trees. When I met him, he was just outside his house, searching for something on the porch, with lights on. I asked him “ My brother, what are you searching?” and he said “I have lost my keys and hence I cannot open the house”.  
    I joined the search. Within 10-15 minutes, I searched the area outside the porch, but I still could not get the keys. I asked him, “Brother, do you certainly remember that the keys were lost here?” He replied, “Yes, my friend, I am sure that I lost my keys under that tree in that corner” I was astonished by his reply and asked him, “My brother, then instead of searching for the keys over there, why are you searching for them here? How can you get them here?” He said, “It is very dark there. How can I get anything in the dark? Hence, I am searching for them here in the flood lights”.
    I did not what to say. I just looked at him in surprise. He said “My friend, there is nothing to be surprised about! Many of us lose their peace of mind, joy and happiness and search for it everywhere. We organize peace conferences, give Nobel Peace Prize, and so on. We think that there is light outside. We can see, we can search and we may get it. However, we do not know where these treasures are! What is the source of these resources! And how to get them.” To elaborate further he narrated a story to me.
    There was a very wealthy man staying in his neighborhood. He had a Textile Mill, Plastic Factory, Investment Company, Trading Company etc. He was a very big shot. A few months earlier, he had been constantly uneasy and restless. But recently, he was found to be very cheerful, happy and joyous. When he was asked as to how such a drastic change had been brought about, he said that one day one of his managers gave him an invitation card for a public program. The program was conducted by an elevated soul, who had led a yogi life for 60 years and had been declared of having the post stable mind in the world, after having been tested by many acclaimed scientists. He had been in search of peace of mind and therefore decided to see this person called “Dadiji”. He could not visit empty handed but such elevated souls are disinterested in money. So he called his office in Mumbai, India, and instructed them to send some export quality apples from Kashmir, by air. He went to see Dadiji and offered the basket of apples, saying “Dadiji, please accept these apples. I obtained them especially for you. Dadiji, anything that money can buy is at my disposal. However, I do not have peace of mind. Can you make me feel light, tension free, like you? Can you give me peace of mind?”
     Dadiji said, “Ok. I can help you. Please come tomorrow by 4.00 AM in the morning.” He wondered that if Dadiji could give him peace of mind by tomorrow, then why was she not giving the same today itself. However he decided that these kinds of people are always moody. And if he were to say something now, then she may get angry and then he will be the loser. However he did not know that real yogis are always calm, cool and peaceful. As he was about to leave, Dadiji called him suddenly and said “Brother do not forget to bring your mind with you”. The rich man got confused. All the way back and all through the night he was thinking about how to take his mind to Dadiji.
    When he reached Dadiji next morning at 4.00 AM, she was deep in meditation. He sat close beside her and kept looking at her. After some time, Dadiji attended to him and asked him, “Have you brought your mind with you?” The rich man said, “Dadiji, in fact, throughout yesterday I was thinking how to bring my mind to you. But then it suddenly dawned on me that my mind is always with me. Hence, wherever I go, it will also follow automatically.”
    Dadiji said, “Yes, you are right. However, every organ of your body has got its own place in your body. Your eyes, lungs, hands, heart, everything is in its proper place. Then find out where your mind is in the body.” And saying this, suddenly Dadiji became silent. The rich man started thinking a lot. All his external thoughts had stopped in search of mind and he started thinking inwardly – searching within himself. Then he discovered that mind was not a physical organ but a process. It is a thought generating process. He was delighted by his findings. Then Dadiji told him, “Now delve on it! Manmanabhav!”
    He could not understand how to delve with his mind and what is Manmanabhav! Then Dadiji explained to him. Mind produces 4 types of thoughts:
    1.      Ordinary thoughts: Like what dress to wear, how to plan today’s work etc.
    2.      Waste thoughts: Mind likes to wander into the past too much. Why did somebody behaved with me like that? How can I teach him a lesson? What do they think of themselves? etc. Whatever happened in the past is something that we cannot change and hence it is a waste to think about the same.
    3.      Negative thoughts: They are based on vices. Peace is nothing but a gap between two thoughts. Both waste thoughts and negative thoughts are produces at a very fast pace. Hence the gap between these thoughts is nonexistent. On the contrary, every thought consumes our energy, over burdens or overloads our mind and therefore, our mind becomes exhausted and without peace.
    The speed of the production of these types of  thoughts is too much. This makes total chaos within us and that makes us peaceless.
    4.      Positive thoughts: They are based on divine virtues, spiritual powers and the ultimate truth. These thoughts bring benefit to others and to us. These thoughts energize our mind and give us peace and happiness. The speed of the creation of these type of thoughts is very slow. So we experience and feel these thoughts within. This creates a very peaceful calm and compose feelings.
    Therefore, now create positive thoughts and enjoy a state of peace and lightness.
    After a few minutes, he exclaimed, “Dadiji, I cannot produce positive thoughts. We are used to creating all our thoughts except for positive thoughts. Please teach me.” Dadiji said, “Relax and think that you are a pure soul.” To which he replied, “But Dadiji, I am not a pure soul, how can I say so!”
    Dadiji answered “You may not be pure, but think that you are a pure soul. See, as you think so you become is the principle. Hence, think that I am a supremely pure soul. I am a child of God. I stay with him in the soul world. I come down from there to incarnate in this body to perform elevated actions. I am a peaceful soul. I am blissful soul, etc. this is known as meditation or Manmanabhav and will give you all that you want.”
    This is how he got all his lost treasures. Treasures of peace, bliss, happiness, health etc.

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