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    On Feb 13, 2019 Jodyne wrote:

    Q: How do you relate to the notion that every path leads homeward?
    The instructions from the Creator are written inside each of us, not with words or language as we know it, but more like instinct. We were created to be good, to succeed, to thrive. Yet I do believe there are two paths.. one leads to life and the other to death. The one leading to life is the easier one because that is the way we are created to be. One path leads to light and truth and the other is to darkness and lies. If we live according to the light and truths we know we are going to live and grow and one day be glorified. But if we live by the lies we have heard and been taught we begin to suffer and lose what light we have and one day we find we are living in darkness.

    When the people of the earth each search for light and truth we may be traveling on different paths yet be traveling towards the same destination. There are many walks of faith around the world, and all of them encourage a walk towards truth and light.

    Q: Can you share a personal experience of a time you were inspired to be who you are?
    A: I have discovered that no matter how old I was,when I was ready to learn and grow, teachers and mentors appeared. Inspiration came from my parents, grandparents, teachers, my peers, co-workers, and now that I am older many people who are younger then me.

    I can name names but I won't do that here [as I don't have their permission to post it here]. But I do remember my mother's example of prayer and faith esp when she was troubled or depressed. My grandparents example of steadfastness and faith in God. When I was but a child I remember the talks and stories of some of the older people in the village we lived in, they were not religious in nature but they were voices of light and examples to me how to stay on the path of light and truth. As an adult I had a Christian counselor who accepted me like family, he mentored me for several years and his commitment changed my life forever. And some time during mid-life I joined several small groups that have inspired me to stay focused and to continue to learn more and new life skills. Various groups inspire me today; some religious but most non-religious. All of them have enriched the quality of my life, and all of them have inspired me.

    Q: When you listen to trees, what do you hear?
    I hear LIFE.

    The tree has not the burden of domestication. It just IS. It does not struggle to be who it is supposed to be.

    And the Sacred Tree is a POWERFUL SYMBOL that teaches me about who I should be. It is a tool, that I can use.. a mirror that I can look into and see possibilities of who I can be if I work hard and strive to become who the Creator intended I become.   

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