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    On Aug 26, 2014 Amit wrote:

    Searching inwards is like looking at a mirror! You are looking at the reflections produced by it, reflection is not the original. similarly we are looking at any events or objects in this cause and effect world. our interpretation of this event or object is not the original. Beauty here is that our manifested awareness can produce infinite possibility of interpretations. best one it can produce is when you are in peace, in love and in alert awarefullness!!   

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    On Aug 26, 2014 Rebecca McCarty wrote:

    We search the inner space,  peering in our mirror, the mind...WHO is searching then, and for what is it searching? Something forgotten? Is not the one who is searching in the mirror of the mind, actually searching, outside of its self, hunting for a state, the state of it's own BEING? Which it can not find, by looking at the illusive images in a mirror, it is searching for that, which to find, it must become, directly, by remembering itself. 

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