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    On Aug 24, 2014 david doane wrote:

     I remember a similar story.  God wanted to place the secret of happiness somewhere that was accessible to humans but would take some work.  He asked his angels for suggestions.  One said the top of a high mountain.  Another said the bottom of the sea.  The idea that God came up with was to place the secret of happiness inside the person where it is accessible but takes some work to get to.  Searching inward means to be still and listen for and to my inner self, that is, my feelings, thoughts, associations, hunches, preferences.  It means to listen to my inner voice, my inner experience, my inner truth.  I've learned that religion is listening to someone else's experience and truth, and spirituality is listening for and to my own experience and truth.  I've made that transition, as I think many people are doing in saying they are spiritual but not religious.  I began searching and listening to my inner self a long time ago, and the listening continues.  What works well for me is to ask myself, "What am I experiencing now?", and listen closely.  The artist Paul Gaguin said he closes his eyes in order to see -- that practice continues to help me also.  I do also keep an eye on the outside world in order to get along in society and not get my throat cut.

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    On Aug 24, 2014 Rebecca McCarty wrote:

     Your post puts new energy in to the meaning of th word: "Insightful", thank-you.

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