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    On Aug 23, 2014 Rebecca wrote:

     We have all heard the phrase "Take the road less traveled". One day, quite by accident, thoughts were thinking in me, about this idea. A line of thinking which led to a contemplation of the idea of "direction", as the "road less traveled" must go in the "direction least taken". Thoughts occurred about direction; there was  up, down, left, right, back, forth and so on. Then suddenly the mind reminded me that outward and inward, were directions also. I examined all the directions presented to me by my was instantly apparent that, of all these directions, the direction least taken, is the one of the path, that leads inward. I began to explore this path, which led me to a whole new world, at once, both, somehow familiar and at the same time unknown, governed by laws, I understood only intuitively, logic had little place in that space.

    At first I found it very difficult to maintain my attention there, I would start down that path, begin to discover new things, and then some time latter, "Bing" I would suddenly "come to" in the external world, engrossed in what ever subject the mind had randomly attached my attention. How did this happen? Why was it so difficult to maintain attention inwardly, why could I not travel further in this direction? Could I learn to control my attention, in the inward space? To answer these questions was a task I assigned to my mind. However the mind is willful, and wants to be in control, it began delivering to me useless thoughts,  it constantly diverted my attention off subject, deviating it into  quantities of associative trivia, distracting me from my pursuit.

    Suddenly, I saw I was not in control of my  mind, it was in control of itself and would think ever it wanted, and direct my attention in what ever direction it pleased. I was not daunted; realizing I lacked of control of my mind, hardened something new in me, a determined desire. A desire to wrestle control of my attention away from the mind, and to learn to direct my attention, where I wished it to go.  I wished, fervently to travel this inward path, and discover the treasures hidden therein. A struggle has ensued, and is still on going.

    At first it was quite difficult to do. Mostly, I simply forgot my aim. I was constantly distracted from the task I'd set myself, by the sheer quantity of gibberish produced by the mind. However, after many failures, I realized I had to develop effective methods for practicing control over attention, impose some kind of discipline over the mind and learn to direct it and quiet its constant babble.  I began to intentionally practice going inward, I set specific aims for doing so, set aside defined times for inner exploration, set up reminders.

    I began actively exercising control of my attention, forcing it to "see" directly, to "hear"  to take in external impressions directly, over and over. Slowly I realized, that to "see", really "see", even the nearest object, to take in the impression of the object, one to one, without the mind making comment on the experience, was quiet a feat.

    This effort had the of quieting the "talk" of the mind by degrees. Slowly I began gaining some control over attention in the outward world, this was a very slow process, but aided me immensely, with controlling my attention during my inward forays.

    Since I began this discovery quest into the inner world, I have learned much. The logic of words is inadequate to convey, what I have understood with my inmost "sight". Words can only hint about what lies within. A treasure is there. I have seen it. You can see it too, it is within all of us. Don't take my word for it, that is useless to you.  Please, find it for yourself. Take the "road less traveled", go the direction least taken. No one can do it for you, you must make the effort to go there yourself. Be not discouraged, persist, go within and you will surely discover what awaits you, there.

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    On Aug 26, 2014 Paashi wrote:

     I'm reminded of  another passed down wisdom which loosely translates to:  It is dark under the lamp that radiates light all around.  I would like to contemplate that our journeys are the light  that awakens our awareness and so the external and internal begins to align.  The inner spiritual  space and the  psychologically conditioned shadows of the personality both are part of the journey to alignment with the totality of existence  to the extent collectively and individually experienced by all.

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    On Aug 26, 2014 Neelam wrote:

    Beautiful share......Enriching !!!! 

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    On Sep 1, 2014 me wrote:

     You should be a yoga instructor!  
    Now on to the road less traveled  . . .  Ty.

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