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    On Aug 17, 2014 Rebecca McCarty wrote:

     Rose seeds are coated with hard shells, the encapsulating husk is designed to keep the seed dormant, asleep. It nestles there in safety, awaiting the predetermined conditions for breaking dormancy, which have been left, encoded there, in the secret language of chemistry, a gift to the new generation, the experience story of ancient generations, who succeeded in sprouting before.  When those conditions are met, the husk of the shell splits, the plant to be, struggles, it must struggle, there is no other way, it suffers that struggle, to free itself from the prison of it's seed-like state. If it does not make this struggle, if it does not endure this suffering, it will surely die. The seed that once begins to sprout, can never return to being a seed again, it must grow, or die. If it endures this suffering, if it pushes through, it shakes off its seed-like coating and sprouts, puts out roots, develops leaves. It becomes a new being, that of a rose. Once it is a rose, it does not regret leaving the seed husk behind.

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    On Aug 17, 2014 Me wrote:

     Most beautiful.  Blessed is the seed that is supported by "right elements" to become all it was meant to be.  
    Enjoyed!  Thank you!

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    On Aug 18, 2014 david doane wrote:

     Rebecca -- Your notes, this one and the one before, are beautiful -- they're meditations.  Thank you. 

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    On Aug 18, 2014 Blessings wrote:


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