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    On Aug 15, 2014 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Jack Kerouac's poem evoked a poem in my mind.

    It is an echo, not the sound.
    Do not chase it and call it your call.
    Your legs will be tired and your voice will be lost.

    Who is to forgive and what is to forget.
    It is all the mind's game.
    The loser is the winner and the winner is the loser.

    Still the body and quiet the mind.
    Let a smile flicker on your face.
    Let it come and let it go.

    Nothing is here for ever.
    Even the time!
    Nothing to do, 
    Nowhere to go.
    Be here and now-the ever present present.

    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Aug 19, 2014 Lightballplayer wrote:

     Our lives here in this reality are meant to be used as a school of sorts so that we can learn to wait on God's will in peace and praise, without being fearful, impatient, striving for anything. We are, everyone, a child of God, and He has an ordered plan for each of our lives.

    But it is His plan, not what we or someone else decides for us. If we are willing to be totally aligned to His will, and willing to be human vessels that allow through our faith, love, and obedience His access and control of  our bodies and minds to use for His perfect purpose, then we are walking in the golden eternity that will appear to us gradually as He shows us what He made us (each individually) to do in this life to be ready for our unique eternal purpose when He (Jesus) returns to a pristine and lovely earth that has no evil.

    But to get to this golden eternity, the cost is the realization that evil is here and very present in our now. And that we by ourselves cannot find or be worthy of the golden eternity without giving up our wants and desires here,  in this now, for His work to be done here through us. We must recognize that He is the truth, the way, and the light and that it is He who made us and not we ourselves. Only He can take the evil (our sins) and cancel them, and bring healing here. We have been granted the gift of life, or if you will, the school on earth.

    All who live here have the opportunity to bow to His service, and help to vanquish the evil among us. But we have to surrender to a power and redeemer who is much wiser than any of us can ever become. Evil will not be overcome on earth until we all want His will together. We must not be so preoccupied with the illusions of instant gratification and self sufficiency, or so unconscious in our spirits that we don't even care, or, perhaps are truly evil, and are here to help confound the spiritual and educational process of others who are seeking the opportunity of the golden eternity. Which one are you? 

    We can hasten His return to us and that will be the golden eternity of goodness and kindness, patience and perseverance, hope and love, wellness and wholeness of sound mind and body and spirit. Each person has the choice to elect serving good or serving evil. Not choosing is the same as choosing evil. Here on earth in this life, is not the big "party" of golden eternity. In this life now, we choose, every second, whom we will serve. I have chosen the path of submission and learning, so that I will be prepared for the wonder of the new world, and The Master, when I am able to behold Him.   This life is truly bright with cheap shining things, but I want more. I want to feel what it feels like to be loved unconditionally, absolute total acceptance, forever. No evil, anywhere. When I think about that, and know that I have chosen the source of it all,
    that, is the golden opportunity to the golden eternity. Why would anyone want anything less?

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