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    On Aug 4, 2014 Nidhi wrote:

    And what if someone else is into my business...

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    On Aug 4, 2014 Amy wrote:

     Ignore them.  
    This sounds very unChristian but it is the only thing you have power over.

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    On Aug 4, 2014 satyagrahi wrote:

    Or, be grateful for someone being interested in your life and work. There may be a good reason for them poking in, from shaking up a routine to providing a hand to providing an insight. At the very least you will learn to deal with them calmly, with a smile (something i want/need to learn).

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    On Aug 4, 2014 Amy wrote:

     I am very poor at "ignoring" as I just suggested.  However, in attempt to bring me to "my personal center", my husband tries to "coach me up".  Some people (me) are very good at adhering to other people's expectations for them (me).  
    My husband is a professional at discerning if other people are in his business for reasons that should concern him.  He is clear what "his role" is.  He knows the rules and he abides by them.  He knows his gifts and talents and tries his best to multiply them (use them).  
    If someone is in his business for wrong reason:  for curiosities sake, to destroy a reputation, wanting to see how their behavior is affecting you (in sports, defenders are taught to get under an offensive player's skin by getting into their personal space/getting into their face/getting into other people's business), to bully (as in what I see happen at school, daily) . . . you get my drift.
    In these instances, my husband teaches me to ignore . . . this, too, shall pass . . . there is justice in God's judgment (one day) for all.  
    On the flip side, I agree with you in that there is also a GOOD side of the "business coin".  If so, we ought not hesitate to take heed.   

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    On Aug 5, 2014 david doane wrote:

     Nidhi -- If someone else is into my business, I think I can stay with my business anyway, with company. 

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    On Aug 5, 2014 a wrote:

     Love this  DD!  

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    On Aug 10, 2014 Akshay Sadana NJ (New Jersey) wrote:

    Nidhi- If you like him it will be a comfortable union, and if you don't like the other person, the thing will be difficult. But you have no choice but to be in your own business. Better like the situation you are in and make the things good for both or you have a choice to leave or be unhappy.
    In my case i  would like to adopt my self to the situation and be in the business.

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    On Aug 11, 2014 Nidhi wrote:

     Hmm... A Partnership Business :)

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    On Aug 11, 2014 Lfm wrote:

     In either case, do what you need to do to stay healthy, connected, functionally cared for and loved.  Very important in keeping on "keeping on"  . . . stay well!  

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