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    On Jul 21, 2014 Akshay Sadana, NJ wrote:

    When it come to staying in your own business It is a reflection of some one's staying in his own self and in his own sphere where he is not disturbed or dominated by any one els.
    We have a nature of being our own master and when we can not be our own master we start getting disturbed.
    We jut want to do what we like and fallow the faith or path we like not the criticism of any body els.
    it is like having  our own independence.
    What actually needed is sharing with will giving with our own willingness.
    You a brother and sister where as in child hood the younger one/Or the older one likes to posses every thing by himself.  He will not like to give/share any thing to the other brother. In that case those brother and sister will always be a fight with each other. The other brother and sister who are sharing what they have, there is no fight at all.
    That is the only thing when we want to have every thing by our selves and don't want to share even with our brothers and sister the problem comes and we become disturbed with our own self and all the times irritated.
    But if we have the habit of sharing we have no problem the whole world is our house and we do not have any problem any where because the whole word is our business.

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    On Jul 21, 2014 Amy wrote:

     I am so thankful for my Father (in Heaven).  He has the world in His Hands (He has Divine Potential to be in everyone's business.)
    i am more limited.  My cup is full tending to the business of my extended family and friends.  I am only human . . .  Very much dependent on One Who isn't.

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