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    On Jul 15, 2014 adamsmith wrote:

     I like the intent, but have to disagree with the presentation. You are absolutely right that money is not wealth. Your definition of wealth is spot on, however your definition of money is as flawed as those that you accuse of confusing the two. The liberating definition of money is: “a medium to store and exchange value”. The beauty of this definition is that it becomes clear that wealth (the things that we have, seek and value) can be saved and exchanged to allow everyone the chance to become and stay wealthy throughout our lives. The problem in the current world is that the medium of money is of no intrinsic value (essentially as valuable as a small nicely printed piece of paper at most, a couple of micro-watt hours in a computer at least). The current medium is corrupted by governments and financial institutions that assume the authority to create it at their own discretion. The more they create and inflate the supply the less its value. Money must be returned to a real and incorruptible medium – gold. Yes the shipwrecked sailor can’t eat gold on a deserted island – but that’s a facetious analogy. Money only exists in the context of human society and there is no society on a deserted island. The young (full of energy and health) gather and use money to build wealth, and the old exchange their wealth to support them as their energy and health declines.

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    On Jul 16, 2014 Vik wrote:

    You are so right. We have not evolved overnight. You are a big talk and it will sell. Please keep doing it. If you are making money with these ideas- more power to you. I will take a good health, smart education and blessing by having kids over money anytime. You have a good audience and I hope they pay you for your beautiful thoughts. 

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