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    On Jul 11, 2014 Akshay Sadana, NJ wrote:

     Inner forces do not fight only for evil or anger, there are many other types of fight goes inside us.
    Many times it is between right or wrong, favor to one and disfavor to other, between love and duty, between friend and family what to choose. All the life we have situations where by we are unable to decide what  to do and what not to do.
    Hundreds and thousands of times in our life we have situations where by we have to fight with our selves to find what to do and what not to do and what is right and what is wrong. Lot many times there is no evil in what we are unable to decide. It is only the justification what to do in a particular situation.
    Many a times we have a problem in our mind to continue with the present job and between joining a new Job.
    So we are in conflict  of thoughts and that is the practical problem we face in situations where there is no one to guide us. So what we should do at that time?

    Many a times i have been in that situation with no answer.
    At last I found a solution, which has never been wrong and I never had to regret.

    That's what i am going to suggest all the readers. (The answer to this problem was given to me by my father whom i trusted well.)

    If you are ever in such a situation just write the problem in few words or few lines. Keep it there for the night and in the morning take that paper as a letter form your son who is seeking an advice from you.

    So now what you would suggest to your son in that situation?
    What you would suggest to your son do the same and you would never be wrong.
    I can swear,  it has never proved to be wrong, in my life. I assure you if you do the same you will never regret for your decision in your life.

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    On Dec 12, 2014 Maria wrote:

     This does seem to make  sense to some degree,if you are a loving parent and do not wish to see your children get hurt by bad choices. My mother always would say I wish you could learn from my mistakes. My reply was I wish I could too, but how then will I ever learn without making my own mistakes. As a mother myself it was very hard letting go of my daughters hand and let her stand on her own because I knew at some point she would fall but she would also pull herself back up when she got tired of sitting in the same spot again. I feel that maybe GOD may have felt the same way in the beginning wanting to let go of our hand and gave us our free will to choose and it will be again as it was in the beginning but this time will be different in a sense, GOD still wants us to choose HIM.

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    On Dec 12, 2014 MARLENE wrote:


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    On Dec 12, 2014 MARYLIN wrote:

     NOT INTERESTED!!!!!!!  I'VE RAISED MY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    On Dec 12, 2014 Maria wrote:

    I am sorry if I offended you by what I wrote. I have raised my family too. I was only blessed with one but she is grown and married and I have two grandsons and a granddaughter that I'll see again someday. I guess GOD needed her more then we did.

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    On Dec 12, 2014 MARLENE wrote:


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    On Dec 12, 2014 david doane wrote:

     Marlene -- My advice for you and me is to further raise ourselves.

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    On Dec 13, 2014 Jo wrote:

     Amen Maria!  
    I do not wish for God to let go of my hand (ideally, He can hold my other hand, head and heart, too!)

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    On Dec 13, 2014 marlene wrote:

    very good 

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    On Dec 13, 2014 Maria wrote:

     Thanks for the Amen Jo, GOD won't ever let go of your hand so long as you don't let go of HIS! We are all on a journey, a journey of life and I guess that doesn't stop until we stop living. I wish I could remember who told me that.

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    On Dec 13, 2014 Blessings wrote:

     I am thankful for YOU and this site!

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    On Dec 14, 2014 Maria wrote:

     I thank GOD for YOU too, many BLESSINGS back to YOU. Always remember where your TRUE BLESSINGS come from and give thanks no matter how great or small.

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    On Aug 10, 2016 Akshay Sadana wrote:

     Conflict is only when you think that you are right.
    You have to understand that other person too may be right.
    You can not always be right. Try to understand the point of view of other person particularly your children.

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    On Feb 13, 2018 Akshay Sadana wrote:

     Conflict is only when you think you are right.
    There is nothing like Right or Wrong.
    When you say it is day you think it is right it my be other person will be saying it is night as he is across the Globe,
    So never think you are absolutely right, you may be wrong.
    So if you come out of the feeling of right or wrong, good or bad you will save your self from inner conflict..
    It is only he particular moment that makes thing right or wrong ,good or bad.
    Wait for time and you will be out of the inner conflict.

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