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    On Jul 1, 2014 HEENA wrote:

     " wholeness" to me is the belief that all is "oneness" of energy. it is energy that drives all of life rather than the belief that i held very strongly of "i " drive     life.  it is this " i " which created chaos; unanswered questions; strugles; resistance to life itself: in essense " suffering ". it is when i put this question to living "advaita" gurus that i was made to see that there is no "i" but there is suffering. the philosophy of " advaita" { non dualism"} if and when understood in the presense of living masters and also the pointers made by those that have left their bodies like Ramana Maharishi and  nIsaragadutta maharaj ; that  a simple shift takes place from  " I " to "THOU". And that thou is a pointer to "I AM THAT".  with this shift strugles; disappointments; fears; anxiety; ......the burden seems to drop and a certain centerdness of "peace" at the backdrop emerges while life continues with its pleasures and pains but there is a minimal "i " to care. the "i" or the ego   is not given a seperate identity as you are that.   There is no more a strugle with " suffering " but  A DEEP ACEPTANCE OF LIFE AS IS.  

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