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    On Jun 24, 2014 david doane wrote:

     For sure, chaos is a potentially generative force.  I learned that there are two states of being, that is, stable and growing.  Growth can and does happen in all circumstances, but we typically grow the most in unstable times.  Stable is rather dead.  It's unstable and even chaotic times that are generative, most alive, and during which there is the potential to grow the most.  I've been in interactions during which I've stayed in the present which became chaos, not having a goal and not knowing where we were going and not trying to make a particular outcome happen, and I find such interactions to be a little scary, mostly exhilarating, and full of growth potential.  Yes, I found order on the other side of chaos, in the sense that things made sense and some wisdom was gained, but I wasn't looking for order, and the order was temporary particularly if I stayed in the present which opened to the next chaos.  I don't think of it as my developing patience to find order on the other side of chaos -- that sounds too goal directed.  What happened is I learned that wonderful growth can come from chaos, so I can at least sometimes allow it to happen, be patient with the process, and trust that growth will likely come from it.

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