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    On Jun 20, 2014 Abhishek Thakore wrote:

    In my experience the person holding space during chaos is of essence.

    Just as a natural child birth has to be facilitated by a skillful mid-wife, the birth of new adaptive order from chaos requires a conscious human being - someone who is almost empty to let nature operate through him or her.

    Left ONLY to nature, chaos may claim its casualties before order is restored - a compassionate catalyst on the other hand, greases the transition with love and presence which to me make the process worthwhile.

    Also, induced chaos will work only when in limited quantities or controlled environment - if the magnitude of the chaos induced (to encourage emergence) destabilizes the system, then we have a problem!

    Finally, in my experience, slowing down the process when there is chaos creates space for nature to operate - which as a facilitator I try and do.

    As a recent experience, a certain training activity did not go as planned - but holding space for the debrief took to conversation to an entirely new space in similar depth as it would have if the activity would have worked :) So nature is at play all the time!

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