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    On Jun 18, 2014 swetha wrote:

     what are two ways in which we can work without excepting anything in return

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    On Jun 19, 2014 Devaraj wrote:

     There is no way. Its a free choice. When you engage yourself in any activity, If your starting point is same as the end point,psychologically,you are working without expecting anything in return.

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    On Jun 19, 2014 Ganoba wrote:

     1. Work with the spirit of service, Let "How best can I serve the community where I work" be the motto. You will be well rewarded by the community. have no doubt about it.
    2. Work to learn. Be always open to learning. Work not as an expert, as the know all. This attitude alienates people.
    In fact 1 and 2 go hand in hand.
    All the best.

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