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    On Jun 18, 2014 MaryJo wrote:

    Several people have commented that this philosophy is selfish and uncaring to others' problems.  For me, however, staying in my own business frees me from judgment and allows me to meet others with more, not less, potential for true relationship.  The truly enlightened spiritual gurus practice total detachment and they exude warmth and kindness to everyone.  Staying out of others' and God's business releases expectations and creates space for healthy connection and respect for every other human being.  When you practice this philosophy, everyone on this planet becomes your business, but "by invitation only" .  That makes a huge difference. 

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    On Jun 18, 2014 Bill Davis wrote:

    MaryJo, "truly enlightened spiritual gurus" total detachment seems opposite of the relational stance that Jesus showed us: love your neighbor [and enemy] as yourself.  This means not intruding but not waiting for a very needy person to invite you into an relationship.  Love everyone like they are you.  It will mean you are patient; kind; not boastful, nor envious, nor proud, nor rude, nor selfish, nor recording wrongs you see, nor easily angered, never delighting in evil; rejoicing in truth; and always protecting, trusting, hoping, persevering.  

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    On Jun 18, 2014 satyagrahi wrote:

    Maybe the Dhamma says 'Mind your own business'. The Sangha says: 'Make other people's business your business'. Today we live in quiet isolation and i see unhappy people alone with the TVs and always looking for solace on the mobile. Thru 'intrusion' we can create the opportunities for relationships and become the shoulder others need.

    I lived 8 years in a NJ apt without knowing my neighbours, except to pick up package deliveries. In Oakland, my neighbour had a stroke in the shower and then was bedridden for 6 weeks and i found out after they vacated. I resolved to 'intrude' thereafter and made friends with people i would have no other opportunities to connect with.

    And now i live in a place where its everyone for themselves - and the commons and public health be dammed, because everyone feels no business other than their own.

    It seems that most folks feel that we first work on Buddhan and Dhamman. Sanghan will happen in the future.

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    On Jun 18, 2014 Sis Asha wrote:

     I think kindness is different from minding your own business. One should always express kindness. 

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    On Jun 19, 2014 Always love wrote:

     Amen Bill!  
    Getting lost in other people's business is what service is all about.  Detachment necessary when I lose myself (unhealthily) serving.  

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