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    On Dec 29, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     When I listen to my opponents' error, I hear something I need to hear and unserstand about my position.This kind of listening arises in me when I let go of my shouts and roars about my position and be really quiet. When I do this I can see the truth of my error, the short coming in my own position. I hear my own soft inner voice of wisdom and that lets me see my shortcoming, the onesidedness and rigidity of my position. And this is the truth I need to see in my position. Seeing the truth in the error on both sides with humilty creates a bridge of genuine understanding, cooperation and collaberation.This way of dailoging is more imporatnt in divisive times we live in. It is vitally important for sanity to prevail.

    This morning we had a rather heated discourse about how to do greater good. On one side three of us held a firm and strong position about doing greater good by living a simple life in moderation so that we can spend our precious time for reaching out and serving others. Our opponents held a position of making more money and donating a portion of thier money without reaching out and that way saving time for making more money. It requred a lot of courage, humilty, open- mindedeness, emapthy and patience for both sides to deeply listen, understand and accept each other's poit of view. This way of talking and listening helped all of us to have a better and deeper understanding and insight about our personal position and others' poistions on this very important issue. Surrendering to silence and keeping our minds and hearts open brought us closer to each other and that way enriched our relationships.

    May we be more humble, quiet, open-minded, open-hearted and listen deeply and empatically to our opponents to buld brdiges and not huge walls. Let us look for common ground for peace and for serving the humanity at large!
    Jagdish P Dave

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