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    On Dec 27, 2018 Jodyne wrote:

     When I sit in silence, this is what I like to do.. I put away all thoughts of what others would like me to be, I put away the dream of who my parents and grandparents, and even my children would like me to be. I put away all that society expects of me.  I let-go of the burden of acting a part anyone would like me to play. And I consider the Creator, and who the Creator created me to be. I was created for life, for joy, for love, for service. I was not created to do the will of anyone except the Creator. I was created because it made the Creator happy. Basically.. I was created to just BE.. to enjoy the moment.. because everything else is not real (including my thoughts). Only what is happening right now is real, because what is in the past is in the past, and what is in the future hasn't happened yet. 

    My experience is both spiritual and physical. And I need both to function as the Creator intended me to be. 
    The key to living a good life is awareness. 
    * Being aware of my present surroundings in this moment is living. 
    * Being aware of the-dream-of-the-planet and that it is not real, it is a description, and is just a dream; and also, being aware that I can choose to act out the dream or not. 
    When I am aware then I can choose to live in the world of words and thoughts or in the world of just existing, of just knowing without words. 
    Words and thus thoughts are only symbols of what is real.  [And] the only thing that is real is what is happening right now. 
    How I practice 
    while staying checked-in.  
    By practicing AWARENESS. 
    When I am aware that there is both a spiritual and a physical world of existence and can immerse myself in either world of existence, then I am free to choose my experience - a spiritual one (without words) or a physical one (within which words create a mental picture of my existence). 
    Words are a tool that I can use with which to communicate with others. And they are fine and good when used this way, but words are super powerful, and can sway us and influence our life experience. If we let the force of words of others impact us then we can become actors and actresses of life instead of just being.  We can play-the-game of life someone else envisions for us or we can create our own life for ourselves.   

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