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    On May 27, 2014 Syd wrote:

     “Mindsight” is a unique word.  From my observations of mindsight, mental chaos has gradually moved into confidence in a Supreme Being and then gradually grew into this serenity.  This serenity then gradually fell into stillness.  All of this happened by letting go.  When I made my transitions from confidence in my Supreme Being to serenity it felt like stepping into nothingness.  This last transition from serenity falling into stillness it felt like I was walking off the edge of the world, or, another way to say this it felt like my ego’s death.  It has taken a faith to make these transitions, moving beyond my ego beliefs and learned procedures. 
    When realistic faith began it became a given and this unshakable confidence.  This faith recognizes the actual support of Presence and I needed it to counteract the terror and the despair.  It seems to create this distinction from  me the observer to the observed.  It is now where my home feels empty and this home feels like just a place to begin.  This emptiness is the light of awareness and creates something higher wanting to touch the Essential.  The Essential is faith and it is given that offers this unshakable confidence.        

    So to me mindsight takes realistic faith from the Essential and it becomes given.       

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