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    On May 26, 2014 Sis Asha wrote:

     Peace and Love from Asha! I have discussed this before in my spiritual circle. Most got upset. Most felt that it is OK to get into the business of their loved one. It is important to first erase our belief system before one can accept this very important aspect of spiritual thinking to set you free from the feeling of 'HEAVY'. 

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    On May 26, 2014 SANJIV wrote:

     Respected Sis Asha Ji ,
     Your comments as you mentioned discussed before in your spritual circle . What you said is really a very very important and sincere learning . But as you know there are every kind of people of  ,stress over aspect of only spiritual thinking , very few give their opinion and could be mould either way .

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    On May 26, 2014 ANANTHARAMAN wrote:

    Dear Sister,
    The issue here is of ownership. As long as one does anybody's business whether one's own, loved ones' or god's as one's own, one should not feel the heaviness.  If one still feels heaviness, then there is some inauthenticity sitting there and one should introspect and get back owning up whatever one is doing, bringing back the same committment. Can we say "DO UNTO THE OTHERS AS YOU WOULD DO UNTO YOURSELF".  

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    On May 27, 2014 Sis Asha wrote:

     No expectation from anyone or anything is key. When you serve you serve altruistically. The word I needs to be erased. The I of ego and arrogance. For most, this is a huge task. This is why a spiritual circle is important. Humility is important. Good Company is very important. Om Shanti! 

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