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    On May 11, 2014 david doane wrote:

     When I practice equanimity, I live the awareness that you never know.  Something I think is good can turn out not good, and something I think is unfortunate can turn out to be good fortune.  Reminding myself that life is uncertainty helps me to stay calm when things aren't going the way I expect or think they should.  Also, practicing equanimity seems to be based on my staying in the present which helps me realize that change and surprise are always, and not trying to grasp hold of a specific outcome which sets me up for disappointment and aggravation.  As for personal experiences, I know I used to get bent out of shape more easily and frequently than happens nowadays.  I have become more accepting and less controlling, which makes for more equanimity, which pleases me.  We protect ourselves from indifference and sentimentality by being clear that equanimity doesn't mean to not care.  Equanimity is based on caring while knowing that change and surprise are constant and I have very little if any control.                 

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