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    On Dec 14, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     I feel deeply connected with what Vimla Thakar writes in her essay. When I sit quetly as a non-ractive observer, I feel myself free from  the burden or grip of the pleassant or painful thoughts and emotions about the future or residual effects stored in my subconscious and unconscious mind. I flow in the stream of pure consciousness.This is the art of living completely in the moment as Vimalatai states," not carrying any residue over to next incident, person, or day." This is the pure sate witnessing consciousness without the bonage of grudges or attachments.

    The art of living is a continuous journey of remaining awakened and aware of the trappings we create in our lives. I go through this expereince almost everyday. I get severe arthritic physical pain in my neck and shoulders. This is a chronic physical sensory experience for me. When woorysome thoughts and emotions come to my mind, my physical pain turns into suffering. What helps me is noticing non-judgementally and non-reactionally what happens in my body and mind. Observing my physiclal, mental and emotional world in a mindful way my relationship with myself changes. Such mindfulness inner work also helps me to make my relationships with others more  authentic, cordial and constructive. It is happening more these days because of what is happening in the political arena. By remining awakened and aware of my judging and ractive thoughts without getting caught up in my judgemental stance, I have been able to maintain amicable relationships with people who are close to me. Practicing mindfulness is my mantra that helps me to stay the course.
    Jagdish P Dave

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